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Hayabusa Fightwear Australia

Pro Training Elevate Belly Pad

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Train athletes to reach their full potential

Constructed for the highest intensity coaching, the Pro Training Series Belly Pad provides complete protection of lower abs and kidneys, comfortably absorbing the most significant of impacts from body shots, front kicks and knees. This belly protector is the ultimate in force absorption, ensuring the maximum protection achievable in pad technology.

Features / Benefits
  • Perfect size striking surface ensures full protection from the highest level of strikers.
  • Pre-molded contour ensures the pad stays in position with zero shifting.
  • Exclusive impact materials for the ultimate in force absorption.
  • Strategically placed inner padding protects like no other.
  • Impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  • Single component hook and loop closure for great versatility and fit for all body shapes & sizes.
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